День за днем у мовному таборі

Ласкаво просимо у наш мовний табір!

Цього року у нас з’явилося три загони: «Cool kids», «Happy kids» та «The Brave hearts».

Кожного дня ми граємо, пишемо, малюємо та спілкуємося англійською мовою. Вчимося разом! Англійська – це цікаво!


Hi to all! The third week of the camp is coming to an end. We are so excited to share our positive emotions with you! The third week was called «We are creative». There were plenty of opportunities to prove that we truly are! Teachers and our campers took part in different competitions and exhibitions, played fun games, watched performances and we had a chance to visit the festive disco. It was cool here.



Week 2 at our camp has been bright and filled with joy!

We showed our numerous talents, took part in a relay race and various contests and quizzes. We also played games in English, solved puzzles and simply enjoyed each other’s company!


Welcome to school summer camp «The Sun»

The first week of the camp was full of fascinating events. We got acquainted, learnt the motto, designed the emblems revised the camp rules. Besides we learnt the camp songs, drew awesome pictures and played a lot of games. Our favourite ones are «Simon says», «Picturemania», «Do you like your neighbours?». But most of all we liked our visit to Rivne Organ and Chamber Music Hall. We had a great time!